LIST of EUV or X-ray Mirrors from ZILTA (1998-2011)
SPECIFICATIONS (shape;dimensions; radii ±0.5%;Roghtness/rms;accuracy λ/N; Ø work/ahgle)  
Cylinder 510x85mm; R-4590mm; ±0.5%; 3nm; λ/30; HR@5-50nm/82°; 2pc  
Cylinder 320x85mm; R-7850mm;±0.5%;3nm;λ/30; HR@5-50nm/82°; 2pc  
Cylinder 310x75mm; R-8920mm;±0.5%;2nm;λ/40; HR@1-70nm/86°; 2pc  
Plane 320x85mm; 2nm; λ/40@632nm; HR@1-70nm/86°;  
Toroid 60x5mm; R-5580mm;r-25.0mm ±0.1%;2nm;λ/35; HR@6-150nm/85°; 4pc  
Plane 160x45mm; 0.3nm; λ/75@632nm; Cr-Filter@0.1-1nm/15°; 4pc  
Toroid 46x4mm(10x10)mrad; R-4590mm;r-35.0mm ±0.5%;2nm;λ/20; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it /85°  
Toroid 46x4mm(10x10)mrad; R-9180mm;r-66.0mm ±0.5%;2nm;λ/20; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it /85°  
Toroid 70x10mm, CA60x10; R-13800mm;r-26.2mm ±0.5%;3nm;λ/20; HR@5-70nm/86°; 4pcs  
OAParab175°; 70x75mm;SFL=300mm±0.1%;3nm;λ/20; HR@5-70nm/87.5°; 4pcs  
Toroid 65x15mm, CA60x10; R-11500mm;r-31.4mm ±0.5%;3nm;λ/20; HR@5-70nm/87°; 4pcs RevSciInstrum
Toroid 105x18mm,CA100x16;R-11000mm;r-35.0mm ±0.5%;3nm;λ/20; HR@5-40nm/88°;  
OA Parab 100x25mm;CA~95%; SFL=700mm±0.5%;1.6nm;λ/60;HR@10-100nm/86°;  
OA Hyperbolic 80x20mm;CA~95%; SFL=200mm±0.5%;1.6nm/60;HR@10-100nm/86°;  
OA Elliptical(rotary) 120x20mm;EFL=310mm ±0.5%; 2nm; λ/40; HR@20-120nm  
Toroid 50x10mm,CA100%; R-11470mm;r-31.42mm ±0.5%;2nm/20; HR@10-70nm/87°; 2pcs  
Plane Mirror 45x12mm,CA40x10 mm; 2nm;λ/20; HR@10-70nm/86.5°;  
Toroid 143x10mm; R-11500mm;r-31.4mm ±0.5%;3nm;λ/20; HR@5-70nm/85°; 2pcs  
Toroid 80x 7mm; R-11500mm;r-31.4mm ±0.5%;3nm;λ/20; HR@5-70nm/85°;  
Toroid 120x 17mm; R-14500mm;r-71.4mm ±0.2%;0.5nm;λ/40; HR@5-70nm/87°;  
Torroid 40x10mm,CA100%; R-8286mm;r-27.87mm ±0.1%; 0.3nm; λ/60; HR@1-70nm/86°;  
Plane Mirror 65x20mm,CA62x15 mm; 0.3nm; λ/70@632nm; HR@1-70nm/87°; 2pcs  
Toroid 60x18mm; R-15286mm;r-41.87mm ±0.4%;2nm/30; HR@5-100nm/87°; 2pcs  
OA Elliptical cylinder 200x30mm; F±0.4%; 0.4nm/45; PV:1.5 nm; HR@1-40nm/87°; 1pc  
Toroid 60x18mm; R-15286mm;r-41.87mm ±0.4%;2nm/30; HR@5-100nm/87°; 2pcs  
Toroid 340x60mm;R-38260mm;r-235.4mm±0.1%;<0.5nm;λ/50(rms0.8’’);HR@0-50nm/87°  
FS PLMir 220x99.2mm, CA(200x80)mm; <0.5nm; pv-λ/5(rms-λ/30); HR(Cr)@1-100nm/0°; 2pc
“Slope Error 4 urad(rms)”
OAParab10° Ø406x75mm;CAØ380;SFL=2000mm±0.1%;60/40s/d;λ/10;HR(Al+)@240-1100nm;  
OA Parab 80x25mm;CA~95%; SFL=400mm±0.5%; 2nm; λ/50; HR@10-100nm/87°; M4(3pc)  
OA Parab 80x25mm;CA~95%; SFL=200;=400;=600mm±0.5%; 2nm; λ/35;
HR@10-100nm/83°; 1pc:M1,M2,M3
ELLIPSOIDAL MIRROR for FE Laser 120x40mm; CA~90%; a=3100mm, b=288mm;
EFL=200mm±0.5%; 2nm; λ/12; HR@10-60nm/75°;



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