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PC 010-1064 Pockels Cell @ 1064nm

(Basic model: KD*P ?8.3x20mm. Full hermetically)

General Specifications
Working Aperture, mm ?8-0.1(standard)
Single Pass Transmission (with input-output Windows): 98 %
Voltage Contrast Ratio @dc: >2500
Quarter Wave Voltage @1064nm; 220C: 3.3 kV
Capacitance @ 1kHz ~3 pF
Dimensions, mm ?25 x38 (standard)
?19 x35 (minimal)
PCD-NH Q-Switch Driver

Pockels cell driver PCD-NH has been designed for Q-switching of nanosecond lasers without use of phase retardation plate. It has a built-in HV power supply and includes LEMO-BNC cable for trigger pulse.

  • Ideal for Synchronized laser Systems ( Q-switching)
  • Built-in high voltage (HV) power supply
  • Includes LEMO-BNC cable for trigger pulse
  • Single powering voltage of 24 V
  • Compact size

Pockels cell driver PCD-NH-2 has been designed for Synchronization of Q-switch of Second nanosecond lasers from other Laser generation. High voltage Pulses is applied to the Pockels cell in order to inhibit oscillation. At appropriate time HV is switched to the ground thus allowing laser to radiate. See timing diagrams for more details.

Specifications PCD-NH-2(Q-switch is synchronized from other Laser radiations/Photo-Diode)
Standard Measured
Maximum high voltage (HV) pulse amplitude (U1+U2) 4.8 kV 5.8 kV
HV amplitude tuning range (U1+U2) 3.6 ... 4.8 kV 3.6 ... 5.8 kV
HV pulse fall time < 15 ns < 7 ns @6pF
HV pulse rise time ~100 ?s ~50 ?s
HV pulse duration 100-600 ?s 800 ?s
HV pulse repetition rate ? 50 Hz > 250 Hz
HV pulse delay 40 ns ~40 ns
External triggering pulse duration 100-600 ?s 100-600 ?s
External triggering pulse amplitude 3 - 5 V (50 ?) 3 - 5 V (50 ?)
External triggering pulse rise & fall time < 20 ns 20 ns
External powering requirements
low voltage DC supply
24...28 V, max 200mA 24...28 V, 200mA
(Start rise~0.5A/pulse)
Size (W?H?D), mm 122?72?49 122?72?49
Power Supply Max:30Vdc; Red=PLUS; Black=MINUS

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