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Quotations given on request. Quantity discount available. Quotations valid 60 days.
Orders accepted by fax, mail, e-mail. All accepted orders will be acknowledge receipt from us.
Mail orders should be sending to:
ii "ZILTA"
Rygos st. 13-32
LT-05257, Vilnius, Lithuania

Fax: +370 7000 4444;
E-mail: zilta[eta]
The stock products are shipped after receipt of an order. Products made under custom specifications are dispatched within agreed term. Delivery by DHL, UPS or TNT courier cervices is indicated in placed order. Shipping charges are prepaid and added as a separate item to your invoice.
Payment terms
Payment can be made by check or bank wire transfer in 30 days. All bank charges outside Lithuania for customer. Prepayment is applied for the first orders or according to the sent quotation.
All products are guaranteed to be free from defects. The claims are accepted for a period of one month after delivery. We do not assume liability for installation, labor or consequential damages.

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