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Zilta – renamed Siniavsky Enterprises LaserTecn team  whose scientific jobs have been begun from 1982 in Vilnius Science-Research Institute of Radiomeasuring Instruments. Siniavsky’s team had made several successful laser-devices of ultrafast optoelectronics and fiber optics before the Soviet Union reformation. The post graduated of the Moscow State University on laser spectroscopy Sinjavsky Nikolaj be in lead all the time. Established in 1993, as a spin-off from Vilnius Science-Research Institute of Radiomeasuring Instruments, Siniavsky’s team work in USA-Lithuania Co Aitisa till 1996 –when Siniavsky Enterprises was founded separatly. From this date we had opened additional business - to supply science and laser optics, crystals, equipment and laser systems. All time we closely cooperated with many centers of science, manufacturers of unique optics and technologies. More than 15 year we are providing the Science and Laser Optics market successfully.

Zilta strength is built on profound knowledge accumulated by its people in general and its leader Nikolaj Siniavskij in particular. Our abilities based over 35 year experience in laser physics, spectroscopy, laser and optical design, exceptionally detailed R & D of fast optoelectronics, science and laser measured systems. We welcome you to view our site to learn more about our complete solutions including. Thank you for visiting ZILTA.

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